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Espresso Appliance

You can run Espresso on-premise or in your private cloud. It is provided as a software appliance, e.g. a VMware image.  For development purposes, it can be installed on a development laptop.

Alternatively, it can run on the public cloud - with an evaluation account (the Try It Free button on Espresso Logic's home page), or a full-blown account on Amazon or Azure.
This is the most convenient (updates, backups, monitoring), but it may require a secure connection via reverse SSH tunnel to connect to databases behind your firewall.


The Espresso Appliance is distributed as a .ova file (VMware's Open Virtual Machine Format).  You may have received a link address from Espresso to download the appliance.  This is a pre-configured CentOS  or RedHat (Unix) machine, and contains the Espresso server and an instance of MySQL. It's all you need to run Espresso on-premise, either in your data center or on your desktop / laptop. To request the link to download the appliance, please complete this form.

The compressed .ova download file is approximately 2.5GB.  The import process into the hypervisor will expand to approximately 13GB. After installation, you can delete the .ova file.


Follow the appropriate option below to install the appliance.

Appliance for Evaluation

This page contains the simplest path to installing the appliance.  This procedure is appropriate for desktop / laptop installation.  You can be up in minutes, with no System Administration or Linux background.

Appliance for Production

Use these instructions to install Espresso into your production stack.  These instructions presume moderate System Administration skills, and some level of Linux command shell.