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Espresso Logic provides multiple ways to run the service, in the cloud, on-premise using a VM appliance, or as a WAR file.  

These are the instructions for running a WAR file on Apache Tomcat.


Before you start, download..
  1. Download and install MySQL
  2. Download Apache Tomcat 7.0.x
  3. Make sure you are running Java 7.x or higher 

Obtain the Espresso WAR

Download the ZIP file from GitHub Tomcat WAR install

Copy the contents of the ZIP file to %TOMCAT_HOME%/webapps
(The 2 WAR files are EspressoService and LiveBrowser)

Configure MySQL


Configure Tomcat

Within the Context tag


<Resource accessToUnderlyingConnectionAllowed="true"

















     validationQuery="select 1"/>

Start Tomcat

Start your tomcat service (%TOMCAT_HOME%/bin/startup.xx)

Start Espresso

In your browser type:

WAIT about 1 minute while the repository is being configured the first time.
DEBUG Logs (catalina.DATE.log and esspresso.DATE.log) are located:

NOTE: If you wish to use JNDI (replaces global adminDB setting above)
Modify the %TOMCAT_HOME%/conf/server.xml and add