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JavaScript Debugging

You can stop in the Web-based debugger to verify your JavaScript logic.  As shown below, you can
  • See the values of variables (particularly the row)
  • Step/Continue
  • Stop (throw exception back to client)
Use the debugger as shown below via the REST Lab.

Debugger use is intended for developer servers, since database locks and other resources are held while execution is paused.

Set Breakpoint

To set a breakpoint, enter the REST Lab, and
  1. Select the Debugger Tab
  2. Select your Table
  3. Select the Rule
  4. Set a breakpoint by clicking in the margin. 
These breakpoints are local to your API Key, and are saved across requests. 

Run Transaction

Set the Debug option, and run a transaction as shown below.

Inspect, Step, Continue

When you issue the update, execution will pause at your breakpoint, and you will see the screen below.  
  • You can inspect variables (Logic Context shows much of the current state, including the row values)

  • Step through your code

  • Continue