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Each expression is evaluated individually, and the right most expressions will overwrite the expression styles preceding.


Example: row.credit_balance > 2000, where credit_balance is a column name in this table

Expressions are evaluated as JavaScript, and when passing text into exposed methods, wrap the value in quotes:


CSS Selectors

Example: input applies styles to the current input

Example: /input, by preceding the selector with a "/", an expression style will be applied to all inputs on the page

The most common selectors for the form view are: "label", "input", and ".column-container" for the column label text, the column input, and the element containing them respectively.

The only selector applicable for the grid section is: "cell"

CSS Styles

Example: display:none; will hide the selected elements

Example: color:red; will change the font-color to "red"

Example: background:white; will change the background color to "white"

Exposed Parameters

row: a reference to the values of this row

action: the current logicContext verb for this row (INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, null)

parents: a reference to parent roles and their row values

Exposed Methods

hasRole("roleName"): checks if a parent role exists