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View Resources

Your Views are provided as RESTful Resource End Points, supplying results as JSON.

Automatic Discovery

Espresso reads the Schema to discover the Views in your database and make them available as Resource End Points.  You can use the Schema screen to see your views:


Invoke Views using GET as shown below, using this URL:

Filtering, OrderBy

View Resources support Filter and Order parameters.  Pagination is fully supported.  View Resources do not support access based on primary key.


Espresso does not currently support PUT, POST and DELETE operations on views.   Consider defining a Custom Resource.


You can control which users can access your view-based End Points.

Default Security

To simplify administration, you can assign default access for your views for a given role, like this:

Specific Security

You can also control access on a view-by-vew basis, like this:

Row Permissions

Row and Column access level permission is not currently supported for views since Espresso has no information about the SQL internals used to formulate the view.
Support for Row and Column access level permission tied to the VIEW only is planned for a future release.