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The MongoUtility.js is a JavaScript library that is available as a wrapper to support and demonstrate using the MongoDB Java Driver.

Step 1. - Enable the MongUtility.js script by selecting (used) in the Project/Library section.


Step 2. - Configure the server properties as a JSON expression

var configSetup = {
   serverName  : 'localhost',
   serverPort  : '27017' ,
   databaseName: 'Audit'

Step 3- Create a new instance of the Utility in your JavaScript code and pass in the setup configuration from step 2.

var mongoClient = MongoUtilityCreate();

Step 4 - Create a connection to the server (and optional security logon)

var payload = {
    username: "demo",
    password: "Password1"

var DB = mongoClient.createClientConnection(payload);

Query Function: Execute a query on a specific collection and return an array of results

var collectionName = "MyCollection';
var query = {name: 'foo'};
var array =runMongoQuery(collectionName, query, {}, {}, 10, 0) ;//collectionName, query, columns, sort, limit, offset

Insert Function: Insert a JSON collection into Mongo Collection

var payload= logicContext.rowToJSON(row);
var result = mongoClient.mongoInsert("audit","EspressoAudit", payload);

Close the connection


The sample programs are attached to demonstrate how to wrap JavaScript around existing Java.
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