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Importing a license file

If you run Espresso on your own hardware or your own cloud, you will need to enter a license file. This document describes this process.

1 - Obtain a license file

Contact Espresso Logic by emailing or call +1-844-GO-ESPRESSO (844-463-7773)

2 - Connect to the Logic Designer

The URL for the Logic Designer is shown on the console, it is normally something like:  (the IP address will vary)

You will need to login as user "sa", using the password that you specified when setting up the appliance.

3 - Import the license file

  • In the Logic Designer, click the gear menu in the top right corner and select "Server/license"
  • Select the License tab if it's not already selected
  • Click the Upload license button
  • Using the file selection dialog, find and select the license file you received from Espresso Logic and click OK
  • Your license should now be displayed. There is no need to restart the server.