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Espresso is designed to get you up and running fast, yet provide the depth to deploy complex REST/JSON servers.  We recommend the following training program, provided by the web-based resources described below.  Partners can provide additional options for personalized training oriented your specific project needs.

 Level  Notes  Resources  Certified By
 API  Connect Database, build multi-table API, use API  Getting Started Videos in right pane of Logic Designer
 API Usage Examples: 
  •   Complete Start-up Tour, Videos
 Basic  Simple Logic - Validations, Events    
 Intermediate  Multi-table Chaining  Logic Demo
 Full  Use All Design Patterns
 Comfortable using Javascript for events, formulas and validations
 Logic Tutorial

 Logic Patterns
  •  Build Logic Sample DB
 Advanced  Build new Rule Types
 Build Security Provider

We anticipate most folks with a moderate database background can achieve 
  • Intermediate within a day or so (the key skill is to Think Spreadsheet)
  • Full within several days  
  • Advanced requires experience with APIs, so will take a week or two.


We suggest:
  1. Connecting to Northwind (the default option for the Connect Wizard)
  2. Exploring Logic Demo (pre-installed project with APIs, Logic and Security)
  3. Explore Logic Sample
  4. Connect your own database


To connect to your database, please refer to the Database section.

Getting Started Videos

This page contains all the videos, and some key notes.

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