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Antidote for Anti Logic

You know how in Star Trek they have fun with multiple time lines... "this is not supposed to be happening".  They're right.

Way back when, somebody made the presumption that logic must be coded by hand - carefully ordered, manual dependency management, manual optimizations.  And we're all trapped in the result: projects take too long, too hard to change, uneven quality, costs too high.

We accept it because there's no alternative.  Your logic is domain specific, you obviously need to write domain specific code.

Not on this timeline.

Here, the presumption is "if the spec is clear, the system ought to be able to execute it".  That means the system does the ordering, the dependency management, and the optimizations.  It eliminates oversight bugs by making the logic active: ensuring the logic is run whenever the data is touched.

In fact, it makes the old presumptions seem like anti-logic!