Install Requirements

Espresso can run in a very small footprint. In Amazon, many servers are "micro" instances -- part of one CPU and 600MB of RAM.

When installing Espresso on your own hardware or in your own cloud, we recommend:

  • as many CPUs as required for peak load-- all available CPUs will be taken advantage of
  • a minimum of 512MB of heap size for the container, and a maximum of 4GB. Anything more becomes counter-productive. If you have a lot of RAM to throw around, have several container.
  • if using e.g. Tomcat or Jetty, a few GB of available disk space for log files

Most critical is the round-trip time to your database(s). The closer Espresso is to the database(s), the better. Ideally, the ping time between the Espresso machine(s) and the database server(s) should be less than 1ms. You can test this in the Espresso Designer (Test database).