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We know it's a big decision to entrust your business logic to us, so we've made it simple to test and evaluate.

Step 1 - Online Trial - no signup

You can experiment with our small test database here, with no signup, no fees.  This is an in-memory database, so you can experiment but your changes are not saved.

Step 2 - Free Trial

You can experiment with your own database, or ours, by creating an account that allows us to save your work for 1 month.  You will not be required to leave your email.

Step 3 - Development

Convert your free account to a Development Account.  For less than you pay for coffee, you get permanent storage of your logic, and a logic server instance on the cloud.  

Step 4 - Production

Our pricing model is based on usage and logic.  The development savings provided by logic automation enable us to make this a cost-effective solution.