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Build 1598 - version 2.3

posted Apr 24, 2015, 3:16 AM by Max Tardiveau   [ updated Apr 24, 2015, 3:49 AM ]

The big news in this release is that Espresso now can be delivered as a simple WAR file, making it easy to deploy in any Java container.

We have tested Tomcat 7 and Jetty 9, but any reasonably modern Java container should work.
We have also tested the WAR file with Amazon's Elastic Beanstalk and Microsoft Azure and it works very nicely in that environment.

The WAR file automatically upgrades the admin database on startup.

Also, the WAR file now includes the Logic Designer and the Live Browser, so you really do get the complete product in one convenient, 22MB package.

Speaking of the Logic Designer, we finally added a feature that's been requested for an embarrassingly long time -- you can now change your admin password, and create additional admin users. This should be welcome for development teams.

There are also lots of bug fixes.

Build 1441 - Release 2.2

posted Feb 25, 2015, 9:44 AM by Val Huber   [ updated Feb 26, 2015, 5:15 PM ]

Focused mainly on bug fixes, this release includes the following new features.

Oracle User Defined Types, Nested Tables

Oracle support has been enhanced with additional Oracle Stored Procedure support, as well as advanced schema options: you may now use schemas that contain User Defined Types, Nested Tables and VARRAYs.

Raw SQL Performance enhancements

MySQL performance optimizations are now possible for Free SQL Resources.

Post support for Stored Procedures

You can perform a POST to a stored procedure.  Any arguments are contained in the body.  An array of separate arguments to multiple invocations to the same procedure is supported.  All invocations are performed in a single transaction.

Results are returned in a procresults array in the resulting JSON.

Logic Designer Latest Changes
You can view the Latest Changes to your project.

UI Improvements

We've gotten good feedback on the previous round of UI enhancements, so we've added:
  • RESTLab filters - use the Args button (note the context help) for simplified entry of filters

  • Database > Schema Navigation - you can now view the Schema while using Short Menus

  • Additional Logging Detail options for formatting

Build 1380 - release 2.1

posted Feb 11, 2015, 3:13 PM by Val Huber   [ updated Feb 11, 2015, 3:21 PM ]

We made substantial improvements to the Logic Designer User Interface.

Short menus

You can toggle the left NavBar to show only core functions, or all.  Short Menus also remove some of the more complex fields and tabs from other Logic Designer screens.

RESTLab / Resource Editor Navigation

Since a common UI flow is between the RESTLab and the Resource Editor, we've added buttons to:
  • Test Resources - so you can make your change, click "Test", and see the result

  • Create / Edit Resources - from the RESTLab, you can create a new Resource for a Table, or (if you are using a Resource) edit a resource.

Resource Join

You can now select Sub Resources from the list of related tables.  This is much clearer for databases that are large, and for cases where you are not intimately familiar with the related objects


The Tour is now much shorter, and broken into very small steps along the lines of the Short Menus

Build 1236 - release 2.0

posted Dec 18, 2014, 1:14 PM by Max Tardiveau   [ updated Jun 3, 2015, 6:10 PM by Val Huber ]

It's been a lot of work, but we believe the result is worth it -- we're labeling the latest build (1236) as our official 2.0 release.

Long-time Espresso users know that we tend to do fairly frequent releases, so the label "2.0" is a bit artificial -- it doesn't contain a huge number of changes since the last release. Nevertheless, we felt that it was time to indicate that we are now in a new phase. The software is better, more stable, and there is a lot more functionality.

For those who have been away for a few months, here are the highlights:

Espresso now supports multiple active databases in a single project

This is a huge feature, since it allows the creation of API's (resources) that span multiple databases. You can join e.g. Oracle data and SQL Server data, or MySQL with Mongo.

Virtual foreign keys

This feature goes hand-in-hand with the multiple databases: you can now define "virtual" foreign keys between tables, even if those tables are not in the same database.
This is useful in at least two cases:
  • if your database does not explicitly define some (or any) foreign keys (a common situation with legacy databases)
  • if you need to join data between two or more databases

Better scalability

The Logic Designer had some performance problems with large databases (1,000+ tables). This has been much improved.


Espresso Logic is now available as a virtual appliance: a VM image that you can download and run on your own machine. This is especially handy if you need to connect to a database that's not accessible from the cloud.

Support for new data sources

We've added support for MongoDB (with limitations), NuoDB, PostgreSQL, Composite/Cisco (beta), and Pervasive (also beta).


Rules can now be classified with Topics. This allows you to organize your rules along any number of dimensions, and to capture documentation about use cases.

Bug fixes

And of course, we have fixed many bugs. Time-related data types are now handled much better, error reporting is improved, Logic Designer and Live Browser have been substantially improved, etc...

Build 1154

posted Nov 8, 2014, 8:19 AM by Val Huber   [ updated Dec 3, 2014, 2:29 PM by Max Tardiveau ]

Build 1154 adds support for
  • Multiple Databases - integrate multiple databases into a single API.  Point and click definition of resources combining data from different databases, with rules across databases.  See it here.

  • Topics filter and categorize rules, so you can manage rules for development and Business User collaboration
  • Resource import/export : the resource page in the Logic Designer now allows you to import and export individual resources.

Build 1000

posted Sep 15, 2014, 12:17 PM by Val Huber   [ updated Feb 26, 2015, 12:12 PM ]

Build 1000 - a nice round number - adds support for:

Build 960

posted Aug 27, 2014, 5:31 PM by Val Huber   [ updated Sep 4, 2014, 9:07 AM ]

Build 960 adds support for:
  • Live Browser additions:
    •  Presentation Rules have been expanded to allow you to order and group attributes, and to control when they are hidden, enabled, etc.
    • Support for the ever-challenging Back Button
    • New Field Formats: memo, URL popup links
  • You can now specify a Project property to show documentation web pages (see Northwind or Logic Demo).
  • Configure Espresso to launch phpMyAdmin

Build 900

posted Aug 8, 2014, 8:39 PM by Val Huber   [ updated Aug 8, 2014, 8:40 PM ]

Build 900 adds support for:
  • Mongo-based Resources
  • Significant upgrades to the Context Help (upper right panel), now available for all Espresso Designer Editors
  • Improvements to the Rules Tour

Build 803

posted Jul 7, 2014, 10:03 PM by Val Huber   [ updated Jul 8, 2014, 2:14 PM by Max Tardiveau ]

This is a major release representing version 1.0 GA of Live Browser.

New features:
  • guided tour on first access to Logic Designer
  • redesigned look&feel
  • integration between Logic Designer and Live Browser
  • many bug fixes

Known Issues
  1. 850: Editing numbers in the child grid has issues on Windows, using IE and FireFox.  We are aware of the problem, it does not happen in Chrome or Safari.
  2. 854: Project import occasionally fails, a near-term fix is planned.

Build 550

posted Apr 15, 2014, 3:52 PM by Val Huber   [ updated Apr 21, 2014, 8:15 PM ]

This is a major milestone release, providing the following major new features:
  • Live Browser - an HTML5 inquiry / update app created from your schema
  • Connection Wizard - an improved way to create a new project
  • Reworked Documentation (see the videos on the Documentation Home page)

Live Browser - Beta Status

Live Browser is in Beta.  We are planning a number of features, and solicit your active participation in prioritizing these features and identifying additional ones that provide value.  The following list is subject to change, provided to support such partnering, and for your application planning.

We are planning the following for GA:
  • Back Button on Live Browser to unstack Drill-down Navigation
  • Author Mode settings saved centrally for sharing between users
  • User-ordered attribute ordering
  • Google map display for long/lat info

We are planning the additional features for the nearer future:

  • Virtual Foreign Keys - the ability to capture parent/child relationships not defined in the schema
  • Componentization - the ability to embed Live Browser in a larger page as a parameterized iFrame
Live Browser is currently in Beta Status.  We call your attention to the issues below (you can find all reported problems using the Support Portal).  Rest assured these are on our radar:

 Id Title Notes
 83 Clone Order Fails This Use Case is not operating properly
 250 Master/Detail Add You cannot, for example, insert an Order and Items by filling out and submitting 1 form
 50 JavaScript Debugger Does not return to RESTlab when you click Continue
 407 Live Browser Save - unexpected transition If you navigate to a child row (e.g, from Customer / Orders to Order / Items), and update the item, the form unexpectedly returns to the Customer row.
 425 Product icon image not appearing in Order/Items page 
 465 Modern UI version of IE 11 hanging on hot spot links on diagram of home page of logic designer Please use the Navigation Bar Links

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