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Build 550

posted Apr 15, 2014, 3:52 PM by Val Huber   [ updated Apr 21, 2014, 8:15 PM ]
This is a major milestone release, providing the following major new features:
  • Live Browser - an HTML5 inquiry / update app created from your schema
  • Connection Wizard - an improved way to create a new project
  • Reworked Documentation (see the videos on the Documentation Home page)

Live Browser - Beta Status

Live Browser is in Beta.  We are planning a number of features, and solicit your active participation in prioritizing these features and identifying additional ones that provide value.  The following list is subject to change, provided to support such partnering, and for your application planning.

We are planning the following for GA:
  • Back Button on Live Browser to unstack Drill-down Navigation
  • Author Mode settings saved centrally for sharing between users
  • User-ordered attribute ordering
  • Google map display for long/lat info

We are planning the additional features for the nearer future:

  • Virtual Foreign Keys - the ability to capture parent/child relationships not defined in the schema
  • Componentization - the ability to embed Live Browser in a larger page as a parameterized iFrame
Live Browser is currently in Beta Status.  We call your attention to the issues below (you can find all reported problems using the Support Portal).  Rest assured these are on our radar:

 Id Title Notes
 83 Clone Order Fails This Use Case is not operating properly
 250 Master/Detail Add You cannot, for example, insert an Order and Items by filling out and submitting 1 form
 50 JavaScript Debugger Does not return to RESTlab when you click Continue
 407 Live Browser Save - unexpected transition If you navigate to a child row (e.g, from Customer / Orders to Order / Items), and update the item, the form unexpectedly returns to the Customer row.
 425 Product icon image not appearing in Order/Items page 
 465 Modern UI version of IE 11 hanging on hot spot links on diagram of home page of logic designer Please use the Navigation Bar Links