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Product News

This page provides important information about the product status.

Logic Designer

This runs in your Browser.  It has been used extensively with Chrome, Firefox and Safari.  Internet Explorer 8 and older, and mobile browsers have issues and are not recommended.

Feature Roadmap 

To aid in your planning, we envision the rollout as follows (future dates are estimates and subject to revision):

 Phase Key Elements
GA (Sept)
  • Support for MySql Database
  • Single-instance server with Fail-over (typically 100-200 concurrent users)
  • Project Import / Export (for source control integration)
  • Sample Database (more complex version of Espresso Logic Demo - illustrates complex features)
1.1 (Oct/Nov)
  • Additional Database support (Oracle, Sql Server)
1.2 (Dec/Jan)
  • Database Provisioning (option for Espresso to create a Cloud-based MySQL)
  • Live Demo
  • Improved User Interface